Lighting Department

  • Monitoring

    The monitoring teams of Sima-ara Co. examine the urban advertising structures on a daily schedule. While fulfilling their task, they search for any possible problems including the lack of electricity, ruptures, wrinkles, nonstandard installation of the banners, etc. To solve the unpredictable problems, all the documents, photos, and reports provided by the monitoring teams are sent to the appropriate departments’ sections of Sima-ara.

  • Maintenance Services

    The collected data are then distributed among three main sections: luminosity, design, and structure. After evaluating the problems, the maintenance teams are sent to regulate the situation. The technical team is to decide on categorizing the problematic structures from the most to least critical. For instance, any problem related to luminosity is prioritized over others and will be fixed before sunset. Moreover, the daily assessment of the strategic billboards and their qualitative evaluation after installation is a part of the task of the maintenance team.

    Maintenance Services