Social Responsibility

As a member of society, our social responsibility can be defined in terms of having an influential role in building a technologically advanced city for our citizens. Like many other credible organizations and companies, we feel committed to follow our social responsibilities with regard to social norms and rules. In order to elevate the quality of social life, and provide our society with an increased level of urban security and social awareness, we maintain a high level of cooperation with diverse governmental and non-governmental organizations. Our professional resume' also endorses the fact that we have always been paving various ways to satisfy our clients’ needs by respecting different legal, moral, cultural, political, and economic norms and considerations. We believe that the totality of our projects can be seen as motivation for society to take a step forward toward social developments.


Sima-ara Co. is the first company to relocate and renovate billboards that won at the auctions held by Tehran Municipality. Since billboards are among the most wind loaded urban structures, they were either technologically out of date or did not meet security standards, hence renovating and relocating such poorly constructed billboards was of vital importance for preventing public disasters. Thanks to the supports of Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO) as well as the companies who joined us in the process of renovation, the security level of urban advertisement billboards in Tehran has been constantly examined, evaluated, and repaired since the date of acquirement.


Sima-ara Corporation was the first company that used LED lamps in urban billboards in Iran with the goal of preventing wasteful energy consumption. Other companies followed our lead in this technological advancement, bringing about energy conservation in Tehran. Furthermore, Sima-ara Co. was the first company to utilize solar cells in the construction of the urban billboards in order to save energy.

Visual Pollution

Alongside identifying the proper locations, renovating, and improving the security level of outdoor advertisement medium, visual quality and aesthetics is also among the most crucial aspects of our policies. Our solutions for the enhancement of urban visual quality have turned into the standards of the Tehran Beautification Organization. One of our efforts toward decreasing visual pollution in Tehran was the replacement of the old-fashioned insecure portable ads with the strategic billboards. In attempt to improve the face of Tehran, the company dedicated a separate department to designing urban furniture.